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"This program made everything so much easier for us. It narrowed our choices to a few, and then we decided."

Andrew F. New York, NY (Musician)

"Facial Recognition to match donors! Best idea of the year! Our patients feel great about the results."

Anthony M. Boston, MA (Practice Manager)

"Our patients are happy with the results they are getting, and it frees up my time too. I love it!"

Stephanie H. Kankakee, IL (Nurse)

"Using this program was a no-brainer for us. It made our choice so much easier to make. Great service, great results."

Peter B. Conway, NH (Attorney)

"After spending months trying to find just the right donor, with just a few weeks of refining our search we found the perfect one."

Esther M. Los Angeles, CA. (Housewife)

"It was hard hearing that we had to use a donor. But I feel that we made a great pick, and the baby will look just like us."

Nicholas T. Grand Island, NE (Factory Worker)

"I can’t believe we found the right donor on the other coast. After looking through bank after bank, we found the perfect match in a small program I never would have found!"

Sarah B. Presque Isle, ME (Writer)

"For us it wasn’t about how many donors, it was finding the right donor. Now we can move forward with making a family!"

John C. New Orleans, LA (Professor)

"Having a donor that will look like my partner will allow us both to feel like parents. Knowing that the donor will look like her makes this whole process more connected to both of us."

Bobbi R. Dallas, TX (Small Business Owner and Lesbian Couple Selecting Sperm Donor)

"I knew of the software from its use in the military. I know how accurate it is. Using it to help me pick a donor who looks like me is one of the best uses ever! After looking through endless programs, now I have the best match for me!"

Ashley G. Washington DC (Military)

"I wasn’t sure I would comfortable using a donor, and then we used the program to find someone who could be my brother. Now I am more comfortable with the idea since the baby will look like both of us."

John K. Tampa, FL (Logistics)

"After months of trying and failing, process and treatment till I was ready to give up; we were left with using a donor. Having the peace of mind that the donor would look like my husband took so much stress off us, we were able to focus on the positive and enjoy the experience of having a baby. Thank you so much."

Kathy F. Topeka, KS (Banker)

"I told a friend who was struggling with the donor dilemma, as he called it, about the program. Wham! Eureka moment! He was so thankful that he was sure he found the donor that looked the most like him, they moved forward with the process and are expecting this winter!"

Thomas T. Culver City, CA (Radiology Tech)

"We tried the nearest program but couldn’t seem to find just the right match. When we branched out our search to other banks, there were just so many options it was hard to choose. Once we heard about the facial recognition and gave it a try, our choice was easy. Found just the right donor for us, and the choice is made!"

Mary U. Denver, CO (Artist)

"My wife was so unhappy about having to use donor eggs, until she found a donor that could have been her sister!"

Kristos K. Myrtle Beach, SC (Contractor)

"Choosing all the height, weight, eye color, etc…. was fine, but when I found out I could begin my search with someone who looked like me…. Picking the rest was easy. Everyone wants to see parts of themselves in their children."

Samuel D. Baltimore, MD (Military)

"We found our egg donor and she is a perfect match for us. Lots of me and a bit of my husband too."

Chloe J. Sunnyvale, CA (Teacher)

"My husband and I were overwhelmed with all the choices we had looking from bank to bank. Once we used the program our choices were narrowed and we felt great about the donor we chose. It was fast, and made everything we were going through that much easier!"

Barbara M. Newport, RI (Web Design)

"When I told my husband there was a scientific way to make sure the donor looked like him he was less nervous about making a choice.. Then we were able to get all kinds of additional information about our donor from bank which made him even more comfortable. But I think the thought of the child looking like him was the first big step for us."

Donna B. Alpharetta GA (Customer Service Rep)

"All of this infertility stuff was foreign to me. Our Dr told us we had to use donor eggs my wife was upset. We called to ask some questions about the Facial Matching Program and the conversation segued into questions about infertility treatments. The customer service rep I was speaking to placed me on hold and got the Medical Director on the phone. She spent an hour answering all our general infertility questions and we weren’t even her patients! When we finally used the service I felt good about the people I was dealing with, and my wife was happy with the donor we found!"

Michael I. Westchester PA (City Worker)
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